Our company was set up in 1934 by Józef Szymkowiak, a master gunsmith who - having served his apprenticeship in all the leading gunsmith shops in Poznań - decided to start his own business.

Since the very beginning the gunner shops (as it was formerly called) have enjoyed the recognition of a number of loyal customers. Reliability typical of Poznań citizens and dependability of the services provided by them have allowed the company to successfully operate for many decades and survive the toughest periods affecting the sector.

Since 1984 the company has been run by Jacek Szymkowiak, the grandson of its founder. While the company has continued to provide gunsmithing services, in the early 90s its scope of activities was extended to include manufacturing and trade.

In 2005 the company obtained an ISO 9001:2000 certification, being one of the few companies in the sector to win such recognition.


Presently our range of activities is divided into two closely related sections: service- manufacturing and sale. The two complement each other and allow us to provide comprehensive service to our customers.

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